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The Davida WRS 74 goggle is by far the best solution for motorcycle riders. It fits snugly under a helmet with very flexible skull grip sides. It is also fitted with soft foam inserts around the rim to stop wind and dust ingress. The lens carriers themselves are vented to stop condensation.



We are now also able to supply photochromic lenses that automatically adjust to light conditions, from clear at night to a dark sunglass tint in sunny conditions. This eliminates you having to carry 3 sets of lenses and you don’t have to keep pulling over to change the lenses over. The photochromic lenses have a scratch resistant coating to help prevent scratching.


I was looking for a pair of goggles to put my prescription in but did not want the large WW2 fighter pilot style. I spent many months trying various types but I could not find a good, strong, comfortable pair that could be adapted to take a prescription lens. A friend had purchased a pair if the WRS74’s to go with his very flash new Davida helmet, on close inspection I found that I could put prescription in the goggle and it worked exceedingly well.


Having made one up for myself and for a few friends I started selling them in the High street via my Opticians business. We have made a couple up for staff at Davida and they started recommending us via there website, hence our new website devoted to goggles.